The state of MS Trust has a well-deserved reputation as an excellent place to form a new trust or move an existing trust.
In addition to innovative and flexible trust laws, the state has a very low tax burden, is rated in the top tier of fiscally sound state governments, has a pro-business legislature, and has very business-friendly regulations. Studies have consistently ranked MS Trust among the most favorable trust jurisdictions and it is also one of the most business-friendly jurisdictions in the nation.

• No state tax (income, estate,    capital gains, corporate or gift)
• Innovative and flexible trust laws
• Strong privacy laws, including no trust registration requirements
• No transfer tax for 1,000 years
• Easy trust reformation
• Responsive legislature
• Fast and efficient court system

An enhanced version of the uniform trust code allows:

• Directed trusts
• Trust protectors, trust advisors, and special purpose entities
• Purpose trusts
• Prudent investor standard

• Non-judicial settlement agreements
• Flexible trust modification and reformation
• Statutory decanting
• Enhanced virtual representation
• Self-settled discretionary trusts
• Narrow exceptions to qualified transfers
• Expanded settlor’s rights for qualified spendthrift trusts