MS Trust provides various financial services for individuals and institutions.

It is not necessary to be a member of an MS Multinational Corporation to work with MS Trust. We pledge total confidentiality and privacy and there are no high-pressure sales tactics. We listen to your goals and desires because we know there is no pre-packaged plan that’s right for everyone. We encourage you to consult your own attorney, accountant or other professional advisors, and we are happy to work with them to provide the best possible help.

• Investment Management

MS Trust provides professional asset management through Investment Management Accounts. Our disciplined strategy relies on maintaining appropriate portfolio allocation over the long-term, an approach that mitigated the effects of the economic crises resulting in managed portfolios with an average decline of less than the general market.

• Trust Services

A trust is a legal relationship established when a grantor transfers property to a trustee who must then manage those assets solely for the benefit of the current income beneficiary(ies) and eventual remainder beneficiary(ies). There are significant responsibilities in being a trustee and it requires expertise and knowledge that individuals may not possess. Considering these responsibilities and potential liabilities, we believe that in almost all cases, a corporate trustee is a better, long-term choice than naming an individual as a trustee.

• IRAs & Retirement Investing

Retirement is a phase of life to look forward to. But for most people, retirement planning brings more questions than answers. As trustee for your traditional IRA, we can assist you during the planning process to bring clarity and security to your financial future.

The need to invest doesn’t end once you retire, and retirees face unique financial challenges and risks. MS Trust can manage your investments for you so you can focus on enjoying retirement.

• Endowments

Our endowment services are specifically designed as an ongoing resource for your ministry in planning, establishing and managing your Endowment Fund. We can assist in deciding on an appropriate investment objective, provide detailed portfolio performance evaluations, and evaluate and advise on the cash flow and return expectations for your endowment fund. A CTC representative will also visit regularly to answer questions, provide educational opportunities, and work with individuals who wish to include your ministry and its endowment fund in their financial and legacy planning.

• Estate Planning

MS Trust believes that everyone should have a will. It may be the last thing you want to think about but it is one of the most important ways to protect the future of those we love and leave the legacy that we desire. With a will, you can ensure your plans for your family and assets are carried out: it can determine legal guardianship of children, and name friends and charities along with family as beneficiaries of your estate.

• Legacy & Gift Planning

MS Trust brings a total stewardship perspective to legacy planning. Whether you need help with your estate plans or are interested in reviewing your charitable giving options, we assist as you focus on legacy-building goals for your lifetime and for the future benefit of your family, friends and designated ministries and charities. We also suggest available options to achieve the goals you identify, and help put plans into action.