We seek to provide value by combining independent strategies into a cohesive wealth management approach.

• Fiduciary Considerations 

— Avoid conflicts of interest and always act in our client’s best interest.


• Asset Allocation 

— We believe in diversifying across asset classes and employing a global perspective.

• Portfolio Construction 

— We believe in the concepts of core and satellite investing. We use various strategies in efficient and less-efficient markets, balancing the cost of the investment vehicle with the opportunity to add value versus a given benchmark.

• Security Research & Selection

 — We believe in seeking investment solutions that employ investment processes with diversified opportunities to add value (alpha), in an effort to provide the best long-term results with consistency. This results in recommendations that can include active management and/or passive indexing approaches, which can include separately managed accounts with individual securities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), etc.


• Tax Management 

— We believe in using effective tax management strategies for taxable clients, when possible. Taxes can be a significant drain on investment performance. We prefer separately managed accounts where appropriate. Tax management also applies to institutional clients that need to maintain their tax-exempt status.

• Rebalance Management 

— We rebalance client portfolios in a tax efficient manner to keep the portfolio in line with original risk and return parameters.

• Overlay Management

 — We believe in applying the best possible technology to manage and rebalance client portfolios relative to their return expectations, risk tolerances and restrictions, while adhering to tax sensitivity, if applicable.


Second Opinion Service
When is the last time you asked if your current wealth management and investment plan is really meeting your needs?

If you have investable assets of $500,000 or more, you qualify for Central Trust Company’s complimentary, no obligation Second Opinion Service which takes a holistic look at your financial goals and all of the individual pieces that make up your financial journey.