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About Monspace Trust

At Mon Space Credit Union & Trust, our wealth management professionals focus on aligning our investment experience with your goals and aspirations. We consider ourselves smart allocators across a broad group of asset classes. By including a broad range of asset classes, building allocations based on forward-looking market assumptions, utilizing industry-leading methods for portfolio construction, and leveraging many of the best investment management firms in the world, we can help clients meet their objectives with lower volatility. Additionally, we always act in your best interest, adhering to the “Fiduciary Standard.“

Mon Space Credit Union & Trust manages portfolios for individuals, trusts, corporations, retirement plans, charitable organizations, endowments, foundations, etc. Our client accounts range in size from $500,000 to more than $100 million, and we always make sure you are given the attention, personal service and experienced management that you expect and deserve.

Your goals and objectives are the most important part of building a customized investment plan. You need an investment professional that acts in your best interest and who, at all times, adheres to the “Fiduciary Standard.” An advisor who listens to your concerns and has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.
Our investment philosophy is grounded in the fact that the most important part of building a portfolio is through the discovery of your goals, objectives, time horizon and expectations. As such, we consider ourselves investment consultants and managers that can build customized solutions to meet a range of goals and expectations. As fiduciaries, we act as a consultant and advisor, not a sales person.